Our Story

What began as a skydive into the great unknown
has risen into this powerful company with a

If there was to be a moment in time that marked the origin or true beginnings of Spiritual Degenerates, it was the morning of April 21st, 2018 in Oceanside, CA. A scattering of societally-misfit souls that acted out as social punks despite their somewhat closeted subliminal cores, had gathered together to celebrate this thing called Life. The irony was although they had banded together for a birthday party, they were actually all afraid, falling apart, and flirting with death [outside of the skydive].

Skydiving embodied a metaphor and pattern in their lives they all knew and were feeling but refused to say out loud. Toying with the edge of life, death, rush, surrender, and [dis]trust was a mutually understood and unspoken theme. In various stages, dealing in different ways, they had all Awakened rather abruptly and without preparation or the tools to integrate. Despite the continuous contrast of existence before and after Awakening, the search for balance sealed the friendship between our members and really paved the way for Spiritual Degenerates to exist and grow.

Conscious material for all and any.

Elevate. Recalibrate. Expand. Perpetuate. Celebrate. Express. Evolve.

All levels welcome.

[re]defining things

as Spiritual Degenerates