Awakening: When the Alarm Clock Goes Off

“Unplugging” Just Got A New Definition

So you’ve heard of it and want to learn about it. Maybe you’re deep in it and yet… you still don’t get it… so what exactly is “it”?

an act of waking from sleep.
an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.
coming into existence or awareness.

Awakening. Especially for those newly woke folk just wiping the sleep from their eyes, “awakening” is a whole new world. Not only has this dazzling place you never knew always existed, it flipped a switch on in a room you didn’t know was dark. Awakening changes your reality TV show from black and white to HD… and then proceeds to shatter the screen.

Awakening. Somewhere between all of the highs, lows, comments, and concerns, there has undoubtedly been questions. You may have wondered something along the lines of …

WTF. Why. Is this forever? What is real? Am I dreaming? Or am I the dream?

How can a metaphysical magic carpet ride take us from peaking on our golden god rooftops to the depths of our personal hells so quickly?

Is ANYTHING real? Or is EVERYTHING now so real we can’t handle the feels?

If you’re in this WTF phase of your Awakening you may relate to any of the following:
~ being overloaded with downloads
~ realizing that you’re part of something greater [even though you don’t feel great]
~ confused ASF

If you’ve selected [probably not by choice] any or all of the above…
…take a DEEP breath.

We’ve been there too. We get it. Even better? We GOT YOU

Exhale. Repeat.

We’re here to tell you that it’s [going to be] okay. You’re not alone. You’re not crazy. And, we’re here to help.

Spiritual Degenerates offers online information and conscious community to support any stage of Awakening. Our collective awareness is understood through individual processing of self-discovery. We may not all walk at the same pace or take the same paths, but in the end, we are all just walking each other home.

We’re here to unite during the ups and downs as you find out, layer by layer, that who you really are exists beyond your wildest dreams. After all, what’s makes the difference between the dreamer and the dream?

Waking up.

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