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March 21 – April 20

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March 24-31st: Wellness Week [LA]: Wellness Week LA is a CITY WIDE wellness experience- completely customized to your unique goals, needs, and interests. Using your registration survey, our team will match you with participating brands & businesses where you live and work- so you can make positive lifestyle changes that actually FIT into your life.

March 31st : “Unleash Movement” Wisdom [LA] –> inviting flow and ecstatic dance with some gentle guidance, Tribal Markers, showcasing music and DJs and more. Render App to support and be supported by music

April 12th-14th : “Convergence” [CA] –> retreat for men including breath work, men’s councils, mambo, sweat lodge, shadow work, cold plunge, reiki, sound healing, etc….in Jacumba, CA