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Krystle Etri, N.D.

who are you? [tell us your name.

I am Dr. Krystle Etri, Naturopathic Doctor, Medicine Woman and Artist of Life.

I am the Founder of Injection Alchemy, a mobile wellness activation experience and Alchemy Wellness a healing practice dedicated to supporting human optimization and transformation.

I weave the best of modern science with ancient wisdom. I am passionate about optimizing the physical body as a foundational tool to unleash our infinite power, creative expression and unique gifts in this world. I am committed to the liberation of humanity. I am a Spiritual Degenerate.

define Spiritual Degenerate. [what does “Spiritual Degenerate” mean to you?

Being a Spiritual Degenerate to me is radical self-love and self-acceptance.

It’s about honoring our full spectrum: the brilliance, the darkness and everything in between.

It is the courage to discover our hearts deepest truth and live that truth while forging un-walked paths, no matter how unconventional or challenging.

It is loving fiercely and living fully with wonderment for every new expression and iteration of our being – the flaws and the gifts – the messy and the graceful – the laughter and the tears – the fumbles and the wins.

It’s about embracing the totality of our being. And loving ourselves and each other through it all.

It’s about being a sacred rebel [with a cause].

explain your Spiritual Degeneracy [professionally, personally, interpersonally?

My path has always been unconventional.

Whenever I have been told “this is the way it is” my inner rebel naturally questions it.

I entered the field of natural medicine with a burning passion to discover the truth about healing, to learn what was possible and spread that truth to the world.

The deeper I went on this path, the more I uncovered the darker truth of a larger agenda at play…pathways to true healing have been suppressed in exchange for personal gain.

My calling is to share what I have learned in my years of studying healing. We are here to create possibility. Healers instill hope and guide others to self-healing and self-mastery.

I am committed to being the beacon of truth, no matter how difficult the path may be at times.

By fully embracing who I am I have become a bridge between worlds.

My passion for music, art, dance, community and sustainability has led to unique wellness offerings infused with my creative expression.

I have collaborated with some of the largest music festivals and leadership events on the west coast by bringing healing and vitamin injections through a curated mobile wellness experience. I create accessibility to this medicine in unconventional spaces.

SD|Dictionary result for al·che·my

1. the chemical reaction that occurs when natures elements + energy + love are intentionally brought to the cauldron of transformation. One form metamorphosed into another, rearranging elements to create something (or someone) completely new.

How do you use Alchemy?

It is an alchemical process to bring all parts of myself to the cauldron of transformation – with full presence and full feeling, allowing that which is ready to die be transmuted to birth new life. The darkness, the old stories, emotions, traumas and limiting beliefs become the soil that nourishes new life. This is the place magic is born.

Tell us about your passions and philosophies? 

I believe you are the artist of your life. Design it intentionally with the paintbrush of your heart. There is a way of living we know is possible from the depth of our be-ing – may we have the courage to create this reality from the blueprint of our soul. May we live wildly, love fiercely and stand for what we believe in, creating a legacy of love on this planet.

We – are – the -S(d)-OURCE – of – our – reality. Everything we experience comes from within. When we change the internal terrain (thoughts, emotions, the physical body), the external follows.

Darkness & Death: Honor the darkness. Embrace it as the womb of infinite possibility, the source point from which all is born. May we allow ourselves to die gracefully and be reborn again and again. May we embrace the great mystery, and step through the gates of fear into the unknown, with radical trust that we are divinely guided and cared for every step of the way.

Be yourself fully, trust in radical intimacy and vulnerability, share your soul, and know your voice is medicine.


“Working with Dr. K is a convergence of modern medical science with ancient wisdom. She optimizes the physical body by first diagnosing with speciality lab work – discovering what is unfolding on a cellular level – and then bringing the body back into balance using natural modalities such as nutrition, IV therapy, herbal medicine, targeted nutraceuticals, lifestyle medicine and homeopathy. She tests gut health, food sensitivities, vitamin and mineral levels, hormonal imbalances and adrenal health to name a few. With the mind of a scientist and the heart of a healer, she is deeply present – taking into account the totality of a person – body, mind and spirit.”

What’s non-profit you’d like to champion and support with our help? Why?

The Pachamama Alliance – for the continued protection of our precious rain forests.

Pachamama Alliance is working to awaken people so we can create collective change around the world. They work with indigenous partners in Ecuador to stand for the rights of indigenous people and Nature, safeguarding the rainforest and working in the industrialized world to shift the culture of overconsumption that threatens their Amazonian home. Now more than ever we must come together to protect the heart of the world and the lungs of our planet. Extraction of oil is fatal not only to local lands and tribes but to our entire world.

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