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Convergence takes Place in Jacumba, Desert Springs.

“It is named concisely for exactly what it is: a convergence of men. The idea of a convergence is that many of these men are bringing things with them that don’t have a home in their partnership, or workplace, or family. For everything that a man has that the world cannot hold, we can hold it at Convergence.”

— Sacred Sons.

The Breakdown:

WHO? Sacred Sons
WHAT? We are blazing the trail for the future of men. Sacred Sons is reinventing manhood.
WHERE? Convergence retreat in Jacumba, CA
WHEN? April 12-14
The Cause. There are very few examples of healthy masculinity and we are seeking to fill that gap.
The Effect. Provide a community that encourages men to be themselves so women feel safer among men who have been initiated into healthy masculinity.

What is Convergence?

Convergence is a gathering, retreat, and intentionally designed event specifically for healthy masculinity with masculine practices.

Who are the Sacred Sons?

We are Brothers. Fathers. Husbands. Uncles.

What’s your Mission?

Sacred Sons is here to help men heal and awaken to their true power through circles, workshops, retreats, and online courses.

Tell us a Story [History + Origin].

The origin of convergence is Tribe family gathering. A family gathering that was initiated by the women who wanted to bring their men into the world of spirituality. It was a beautiful experience and yet, the men were not nearly as engaged as the women. Two tribe families passed before the seed of Sacred Sons was planted and even then it took a year or so for that seed to germinate and break through the surface. Our first Convergence in October 2018 was a massive success and the momentum has carried us to this second one in April and beyond. In its wake, an online offering–the embodied masculine course–was born. It’s a 3-month archetypal journey with the motive of helping someone bring the energy of convergence into their everyday life.

What are your Key Pieces and Core Values?

Through time tested frameworks and psychological processes we guide men to their emotional and spiritual edges so that every man who shows up and does the inner work will one day feel the full depth and breadth of their emotions, find and honor their purpose in life, and commit to embodying their truth.
Sacred Sons emphasizes these core values: Brotherhood, accountability, inter-sovereignty, authenticity, listening, acceptance, and vulnerability.

Tell us how it works.

Drawing upon ancient wisdom and modern technologies of human development, we utilize the power of ceremony, ritual, and intentional spaces to deepen into authentic brotherhood and catalyze growth in men. Men supporting men in embodying healthy masculinity to be a force of love, strength, and unity.

Who is this geared towards?

We are primarily looking at young men 18+ coming into manhood. We are comprised of teens to elders who are curious enough to grow and put in the self-work.

How does this relate back to Spiritual Degenerates?

Both causes are in service to the full expression of human beings and their humanity, and in doing so they are allies in the revealing of human beings full potential.

Any last thoughts for our Spiritual Degenerates?

For the men of Spiritual Degenerates: we have a home for you here with the Sacred Sons. There is a seat in our circle with your name on it. We want the men with big dreams, open minds and hearts, and the willingness to do the work. For the women, give us your men, your boys and your elders. And continue to inspire us through your own sacred way of life.

What should we mark our Calendar for?

Convergence retreat, Jacumba, CA, April 12-14
One on one’s available.

For more info
IG @sacredsons